Hold the door! TfL Welcomes the Return of Game of Thrones

    23 May 2024

    If you travelled through King’s Cross or Waterloo tubes stations on Monday morning you probably came across a lot of references to Game of Thrones. The massive HBO hit made a return to our screens on Sunday night.

    As part of the marketing effort, London’s two busiest tube stops were decked out with Thrones signage, alongside helpers dressed as White Walkers and the show’s signature music playing before every announcement. Even the signage was Hodor-themed, i.e the word Hodor appeared everywhere, for no reason whatsoever.


    King’s Cross also had an Iron Throne where you could get your picture taken, and we couldn’t resist trying it out. It wasn’t too comfortable though, so we wonder if this is the reason why everyone who ends up sitting on it turns into a tyrant. The fun continued as we got on the tube train itself, with announcements asking people to give up their throne to someone who needed it more, and while we happily complied, we can’t imagine Cersei Lannister giving it up so easily in Season 7.

    We at Viva Escorts love the show, but not as much as some of our girls, who can recite the best lines of little Tyrion Lannister on demand, knowing that the best things sometimes come in the smallest packages. Of course, they all like a pretty boy, so Jon Snow is a big favourite, and many of them also have a soft spot for Ser Jorah Mormont, and think it’s a shame that he got friend-zoned by a 14-year old.

    The plot twists, great script and strong characters of the series make it a must watch for many of our London escorts, and if you ever raise the subject of their favourite character over dinner, they would love to discuss it with you. However, although they are dedicated fans of the show, our companions are more than just Thrones geeks. In fact, all our escorts possess the highest levels of charm, beauty and erotic skill. Indeed, if Tyrion Lannister himself ever visited London, he would give Viva a call and have the time of his life.

    Of course, 90% of the country doesn’t even watch the show, so we can imagine that for many people, all this Westeros-themed nonsense probably is a bit annoying. The good news is that not all Viva girls are Thrones addicts, and most of them will even be available on Sunday nights for meetings this summer.

    So, whether you follow massive HBO hit GoT or not, you can always find a sexy and loving escort companion from our selection for romantic and passionate dates in London. And if it’s all too much for you, then at least you can be comforted by the fact that season 7 is over by end of August. Although given TfL’s marketing push this time round, we wonder what they will come up with for the final season.