London Escorts Advice for Valentine’s Day

    15 Jun 2024
    Are escorts romantic? Of course they are! I get asked this question all the time. I think people make a number of assumptions about escorts and they are usually the wrong assumptions. They think we only see the glimmer of cold, hard cash and that is all. They think it is impossible for London escort girls to think or be romantic.

    Huh, I say. Viva Escorts are sentimental sorts and they do believe in love, happiness and happy endings. We provide services to people who are often lonely or who crave human company and a lovely woman to talk to. It is easy to be cynical about such services (well, you ladies are getting paid for it, so of course you’re going to be as romantic as the client wants, kind of thing), but if love is what you are after, you could do worse than to take advice from London escorts.
    For guys, we often find that they really want to treat us well. They love the idea of spoiling a woman or taking her to fabulous, new places. They want her to appreciate what they have done for her. We say – well guys, make sure you extend that treatment to any woman who comes into your life. Being made to feel special is what all of us crave – whether we’re male or female.
    For the women, you could surprise your guy on Valentine’s Day by presenting him with flowers and chocolates. Traditionally, these are the gifts of the man to the woman but done in the traditional way it can seem a bit stale and unimaginative. Done the other way round, it’s kind of exciting.
    Find a good florist and ask them to recommend masculine blooms and plants had have one delivered to his office. Of course, everyone in the office will probably assume a delivery is for a female colleague – imagine the look on their faces when they see the flowers are in fact for a man!
    Then there are the chocolates. I’m a worshipper of all things cocoa, so I don’t mind getting chocolate at any time of the year but picking out good chocolates for a man is kind of special. Again, there are some chocolates you could regard as masculine – such as plain chocolate with chilli, or dark chocolate flavoured with ginger.
    But if you have a man who actually adores white chocolate, who am I to judge?!
    These days, I’m a big believer in experiences instead of gifts, as I think at the end of our lives we want to remember the fun we had, the excitement, the scenery and the trips to great places. So if I have one big recommendation for Valentine’s Day it’s an experience-based gift.
    What form that experience takes is up to you. Sky-diving? Horse-riding across the Andes? Yes, and yes. Bear in mind too that an experience with Viva London escorts is one that you are likely remember for a long, long time…