Perfect St. Valentines Day with Viva Escorts

    18 Jul 2024

    There are a lot of people who think that we escorts don’t get many bookings for Valentine’s Day, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Viva escorts are as busy on Valentine’s Day as they are throughout the year – that’s what happens when you work for one of the best Latino escorts agencies in London.

    A lot of the time we might get booked by clients who are feeling a little bit lost and lonely at this time of the year. Of course it is our job to make them feel very special and wanted, and we are really to do that. Conversation, after all, is something that we escorts do incredibly well.

    We are also often booked by clients who really like the idea of taking out a very beautiful woman on 14 February and of course Viva Escorts has an incredible supply of gorgeous, gregarious girls.

    Here at Viva, we take great pride in our appearance and making sure that we look our best for our clients. We pay a lot of attention to detail – we keep our nails manicured, our skin soft and sensual to the touch, our make-up is discreet and very feminine and we select what we wear so that is shows off our curves. What’s underneath those clothes is crucial too. I reserve the heart-patterned, lacy underwear I have for this date.

    I have had bookings every Valentine’s Day since I started working an escort in London and this year will be no different. As you might imagine, I do get Valentine’s Day cards from besotted clients (and sometimes a few mystery cards too, which are very intriguing) and gifts are standard for me. Red roses are a cliché, but I love them so much. Nothing like a bed filled with rose petals, I say!

    Many of my friends tell me that they feel Valentine’s day is a cliché and it’s too commercial, but I don’t agree and I tell them that if their man isn’t making enough fuss or buying them cards or presents, then they need to demand that he does.

    Every girl loves Valentine’s Day, right? It’s your birth right! And every girl deserves to be spoiled. Champagne and chocolates in bed are the very least a girl should get on the day in question and if she is very lucky, that champagne can be licked off…