In Search of Christmas Presents: European Christmas Markets

    17 Jul 2024

    With Black Friday over and Christmas now less than a month away, we are into the home stretch of our Christmas shopping extravaganza. London has no shortage of retail options, and we even have some of our own Christmas markets these days.

    Still, when it comes to these traditional shopping experiences, the continent does it better, and many of us plan short trips to European cities to pick up some gifts and enjoy a fun weekend into the bargain. So where should you go? We asked our collection of international escorts where their favourite Christmas markets were, and this is what they told us.


    Since the Eurostar opened, Lille has become a prime city for a short excursion from London, allowing you to get there and back before bedtime. This charming French city has an excellent Christmas market, which although smaller than the better know market in Brussels, more than makes up for it in quality. Just 10 minutes from the station, the market takes place in the Grand Place, and includes a ferris wheel, a giant Christmas tree and 80 stalls selling the usual French fayre. Lille is a foodie’s delight and we recommend you try the local cheeses and wine.


    Dresden has always been Germany’s most elegant city, and these days it is known as having the best Christmas market in the country too. Although it does have an international airport, there are no flights to the UK just yet, and you will have to change in Berlin or Frankfurt. However, the hassle is more than worth it, with gifts made by local artisans in the charming town square, which looks absolutely magical on a winter’s night. Your escort date will love it, and it is sure to spark romantic and passionate feelings. Make sure to try the Dresdner Stollen, a traditional sweet bread stuffed with dried fruits. Guten Appetit.


    The Estonian capital of Tallinn has really thrived as a tourist destination since the fall of the Iron Curtain, and has become a firm favourite for British tourists, and not just for the ubiquitous stag-doers. The city is easy to get to, with several flights a week to London, and cold weather is guaranteed. That might not sound like an advantage, but when you see the ice sculptures in the town square, you will be glad to have come. There is also a mini zoo which includes reindeer, so make sure you bring a carrot. Or even better, an apple. Reindeer love apples.


    Madrid might not be the obvious choice for a Christmas market excursion, but the Spanish love to celebrate this time of the year, and their festival in the Plaza Mayor is the rival of any in Europe. The local speciality are the tiny clay figurines designed for their Christmas nativity scenes, but we recommend checking out the antique section, where you can find some old pieces which will be a talking point of any living room. Madrid gets cold in winter, so remember to wrap up well. And don’t forget to bring a charming lady with you to share it all with.

    Will you jump on a plane in December and visit one of Europe’s Christmas markets? We think it’s a splendid idea, particularly if you choose to bring a sexy lady with you. As London’s premier provider of top class escorts, our girls are ideal candidates for a date on a short European trip, so why not check out our London escorts portfolio and see who you would like to have accompany you to Europe’s best Christmas market destinations?