Autumn Break: Craving for the Sun

    04 Mar 2024
    Summer 2016 will go down in the record books as one of the hottest summers in the UK, and we feel really lucky to have enjoyed the warmth and sunshine this time around.
    We also know that our valued customers have been making the most of the weather, and the sun has been increasing your passions for hot-blooded Latin women.
    Latin Escorts and Autumn Break
    With the autumn months now approaching, we hope your passions won’t wane, as most of our Latin escorts are available to travel, and there are still plenty of destinations close to London where you can invite them for an Indian summer of romance and eroticism. With a Latin lady, excitement is always guaranteed, and these warm-blooded creatures really respond to a bit of sunshine. Life is too short to only be enjoyed in summer, and with a bit of planning and a Viva escort, you can enjoy Latin love all the year round. Read on for three ideas for a great autumn break with a sexy Latin companion.
    The Eternal City of Rome is just a little over two hours flight time from London, and is best visited in autumn, away from the summer heat and crowds. And apart from the occasional rain shower, this time of the year is still ideal for short sleeves and a spot of sunbathing. With so much history, architecture and charming restaurants, the capital of Italy is an incredibly romantic setting for an escort encounter. All of our Latin ladies would jump at the chance to be your sexy partner at the Colliseum and Spanish Steps. And if you both get too naughty, head across the Tiber to the Vatican, where the Pope can absolve your sins.
    Dubrovnik is three hours flying time from London, and this Pearl on the Adriatic is definitely best visited in the company of a beautiful lady. The dramatic scenery of the old town, the walls and the mountainous backdrop is likely to stir up heady passions. In autumn, you will have the town and its beaches to yourselves, although you are likely to bump into the odd Game of Thrones fanatic. The HBO series uses this walled city as a real-life set for the fictional King’s Landing, which might make some of the streets seem rather familiar to you. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about  crazed queens with evil plans to destroy the old town with wild fire. Your Latin escort will be a loyal friend and courtesan at all times, and you will leave Dubrovnik with a smile and find memories.
    Closer to home, the island of Jersey is just an hour’s flight from London, and you can lap up autumn sun in this most southerly part of the United Kingdom, without even having to flash your passport. This island is located just off the coast of France, and has stunning beaches, charming villages and the freshest seafood you can imagine. Your Latin lady will be delighted to discover this gem of an island, especially as it manages to combine rustic nature with all modern luxuries. You will find plenty of 5-star hotels ranging from cozy converted manor houses to beach resorts and health spas. The highlight of your trip should be a visit to the romantic Mont Orgueil Castle in St Martin. The incredible views from this 15th Century fortification are on many people’s bucket lists, and we can see why.
    So we hope you do not despair during the wet and dark autumn months. The sun is always closer than you think, and with a hot Latin companion from Viva Escorts by your side, there is no excuse not to live life to it’s fullest. Contact us today and get your fix of sun and passion.