Traditional Halloween with a London Escort

    04 Mar 2024

    As the London autumnal weather starts to bite, it’s time to look forward to that time of the year when we wrap up warm and brave the elements. The colder months have many fun festivals which make the longer nights so much more bearable. The first of these is of course traditional Halloween, and this year there is a huge choice of spooky events in London to enjoy. Below are some of our picks which can be experienced alone, with friends, or best of all in the company of one of our international escorts.

    Hampton Court Palace

    This stunning Tudor-era stately home on the outskirts of London is a popular haunt on a warm summer’s day, as it’s maze and gardens are the perfect place for a picnic. However, Hampton Court also has a fascinating and grisly history, and Halloween is the perfect time to discover this darker side to the legend. The best way to experience the palace on Halloween is to go on a guided tour.

    You will see where Jane Seymour died, and where her ghost is said to still linger. The aptly-named Haunted Gallery is the place where Henry VIII’s fifth wife Catherine Howerd was dragged to her doom, and you and your escort date will want to hold each other close as you are led down this spine-chilling hall.

    Halloween parties

    Many of us enjoy Halloween for those crazy parties where we can really let ourselves go. This time of the year is actually perfect for us, as we look like monsters anyway, and the 31st October is the one day when our horrible dance moves seem well-planned. Of course, we aren’t talking about our escorts here. They all look amazing and most of them can dance well. Why not invite one of our beautiful, elegant companions to a great night out at a London Halloween party?

    They would love to join you for the Ghost Ship party on the river Thames, the Halloween rave at the Ministry of Sound, or the Danse Macabre ball at Scala in St Pancras. This ball is now in its 12th year and is always a lot of fun. The theme this time round is baroque, where you can get spanked on the Marquis de Sade’s balcony or tickled in Satan’s Kabaret Boudoir. There is also plenty of baroque-era food, all washed down by the best wines. On the dance floor, you can show off your Maybot/Thriller moves to a disco beat.

    Horror cinema

    Here at Viva escorts, we don’t understand many people’s love of horror films. Perhaps this is because we are easily scared. For instance, we still hide behind the sofa whenever a Dalek appears on the Telly. But we appreciate that many of our esteemed clients do enjoy a scary movie, and fortunately for them, so do most of our escorts. Why not invite one of our girls to a Halloween film night at one of London’s best cinemas on the 31st?

    At Horroctober in Prince Charles’s Theatre in Leicester Square, you can enjoy chilling favourites such as The Shining, The Exorcist and The Evil Dead. For a bicycle-themed horror movie evening, head on down to Bermondsey where you and your date will be encouraged to ride a static-bike to power a showing of Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later. Pedal-powered horror? It truly takes all sorts.

    Halloween Theatre

    London’s theatre scene is always a great idea for a romantic date. If you like a ghostly tale to spark the right mood, then London has some of the best horror plays around, and Halloween is the ideal time to take one in. The Woman in Black has been terrifying audiences for decades, and the theatrical version is so much better than the movie, as the audience are brought up close to the action. We also love the unique ‘play-within-a-play’ structure of this one. You can catch The Woman in Black at the Fortune Theatre at Covent Garden. Just make sure The Woman doesn’t catch you first!

    Crystal Maze Halloween Edition

    The Crystal Maze in Islington has been wowing London’s forty-something nostalgia fans for a few years now, and this year’s Halloween edition promises to be even more fun than normal. If you and your London escort choose to step inside the Crystal Maze on the 31st October, you will need to have your wits about you, as you will face a spooky time vampire called The Blood Baron. This master manipulator will try to trick contestants into betraying their fellow team mates. Of course, with a loyal companion from Viva Escorts by your side, you should be just fine. Will you unlock the mysteries of the Maze?

    How will you enjoy this Halloween? Will you go on a spooky ghost tour of Hampton Court? Attend a cool party in fancy dress? Or enjoy the scariest film or theatre experience? Whatever you do, it’s always a lot more fun with one of our international escorts alongside you. So, make the most of this Halloween – book one of our London escorts for a scarily sexy escort date which you won’t forget in a hurry!