Celebrate Halloween with a London Escort

    04 Mar 2024

    Here at VIVAescorts™, we have some of the hottest female companions in the whole of London. What’s more, they are an eclectic and international bunch of ladies, and whatever nationality of escort you have dreamed of spending a night with.

    Chances are that you will find such a girl right here. With Halloween just a few days away now, let’s look at how this scary event is celebrated around the world. If you meet a Viva escort in the next few days, perhaps you can try to enjoy some cross-cultural fun with her at this spooky time of the year!

    The USA is famous for introducing the tradition of trick-or-treat to the world. The annual ritual of children grouping together to visit neighbouring houses and asking for sweets (and threatening to play pranks if they don’t get any) has grown in popularity in other countries, with children everywhere now using Halloween as an excuse to get free candy. But this time of the year is no longer just for kids, with adults hosting Halloween parties where they dress in various costumes, get drunk on tequila-laced punch and try to talk to the dead. Halloween is also when Hollywood releases most of its annual horror film output, and some old classics such as The Exorcist are also shown for one night only.

    Britain’s Halloween tradition is closely entwined with the bonfire night which happens 5 days later, and in a similar vein to trick-or-treating, children will go around houses asking for money to buy wood for their fire. Pumpkins or turnips are hollowed out, a face cut in the front, and a candle is placed inside, with these pumpkins then being carried through the streets in a creepy procession, as children go door-to-door asking for a ‘penny for the guy’. On the 5th November, an effigy of Guy Fawkes (a Catholic revolutionary who tried to blow up Parliament in the so-called Gunpower Plot of 1605) is burned on a pyre, with fireworks, roast chestnuts and much singing and dancing.

    In the Spanish-speaking part of Latin America, Halloween is known as “El Dia de los Muertos”, or the Day of the Dead. Latin Halloween fans certainly take things to the extreme, as this festival lasts until the 2nd November, with three whole days of activities. This celebration is a very joyous event, where people commemorate their ancestors and appreciate the circle of life, with many families constructing altars in their homes to worship the dead. If this all sounds a bit pagan to you, then you are right, as the tradition in Mexico has its roots in the days before Columbus. Indeed, most Halloween traditions around the world began as pre-Christian traditions.

    Like much of Europe, Romania does not officially celebrate Halloween, and the Orthodox Church actively discourages it, seeing it as the work of the devil. However, the Romanians have seen the benefits of exploiting their own Dracula myth for commercial ends. People now flock to the Transylvanian home of Vlad Tepes, or Vlad the Impaler, who was the real-life inspiration behind the legend of Dracula, and enjoy creepy Halloween parties in the old citadels and castles that were once home to their national hero as he fought his wars against the Hungarians and Turks. Whether Vlad did drink the blood of his victims or not, we are not sure, but a party in a Transylvanian castle with some beautiful Romanian girls is one hot way to enjoy Halloween!

    Halloween is always a great time of the year, as we celebrate the hidden world of ghosts and the dead, and there is no better way to enjoy the colder weather than to go trick-or-treating or visit a haunted castle. Such events are perfect date ideas too, as the fear heightens all our other emotions, and the urge to hold onto someone near means a lot of new couples fall in love over Halloween. How will you spend this Halloween? If you have nothing planned, then we highly recommend meeting one of our London escorts for a sexy and spooky date where things are assured to go bump in the night!