Geishas and Escorts – Anything in Common?

    04 Mar 2024
    The geisha’s distinctive look of traditional kimono and white painted face is an icon of Japan and Japanese culture.
    Visitors to the country, particularly to the former capital of Kyoto, are intrigued that even today, one can see geishas hurrying down the street, on the way to meet clients for the evening.
    When we saw them in the flesh for the first time, their graceful manner and incredible dress sense reminded us of the Latin escorts of Viva escorts. And this got us thinking, just how much do they have in common with the top escorts of London? So we made some research on the matter and present the evidence below.
    First, we should deal with a major misconception that many have about geishas. Geishas are not escorts, and indeed, they are not permitted to engage in any sexual or intimate services with clients. They should not be confused with ‘geisha girls’, which was the name given to ladies of the night who entertained US servicemen in the aftermath of World War 2. Geishas themselves are skilled and educated entertainers who perform dances, pour tea, recite poetry and provide companionship to Japanese men.
    Entering the profession at an early age, they are highly trained artistes who are not allowed to marry, and must dedicate their life to their art. Gentlemen are delighted to experience time with these intelligent, skilled and charming women who attend to their every need and engage them in stimulating conversation. Although the word, ‘geisha’ is directly translated as ‘entertainer’ in English, the role itself seems to be more that of a ‘hostess’.
    In this sense, the best Latin escorts that you can meet these days are rather similar to these traditional Japanese hostesses, particularly if you use a reputable agency such as Viva Escorts. Most of our escorts are University educated ladies who are trained to a high level in their chosen professions. They can hold conversations on any topic of your choosing. As the vast majority of our girls are multilingual and have experience of many different cultures and countries, they have a wealth of stories and knowledge for you to draw on.
    You will be thrilled and fascinated to hear about their life and experiences, and will never have a boring moment in their company. In this way, our escorts share the dedication of a geisha to be the best kind of hostess, someone who can expand your horizons and help you learn new things.
    Similarly, Latin escorts tend to have many diverse artistic talents, from singing to dancing, and most would be happy to serenade you with songs from their homelands. They also love to move their bodies to some music, and if you are looking for a performance of some Latin dance techniques, then these kind of ladies are the ideal choice. Latin ladies can introduce you to dances such as the Tango from Argentina, Samba from Brazil and of course Salsa.
    If you are really lucky, they can even give you some lessons. This ability to dance at an expert level is also something that the leading Latin escorts  have in common with the geisha, who are known to be experts in Japanese dances such as Buyo and Kabuki.
    So as you can see, there are several intriguing similarities between geishas and escorts, particularly when we discuss Latin girls from the Viva agency in London. Both kinds of ladies are highly skilled companions who know how to pamper and amaze their clients. In a way, the very best escorts are like an upgrade to the geisha experience, since they offer everything the geisha does in terms of art and attentiveness, as well as a level of intimacy that you cannot get with their Japanese counterparts.