Let’s Banish the Winter Blues in London!

    04 Mar 2024

    January is not the most favourite of months, as the celebrations of Christmas and New Year have receded from the memory, spring seems like an eternity away, and even the light relief of Valentine’s Day isn’t quite on the horizon.

    All that seems to be in store for us in the first month of the year is cold, cold and more cold. And if we are lucky, some snow.

    For this reason, many people feel rather depressed in January. But there is no need to be down in the dumps too much. Fortunately, we at VIVAescorts™ know the best way to banish the winter blues. Arrange a date with one of our hot escort ladies, and you will be ready to take on the world! Today we look at the best ways to spend time with one of our elite escort companions here in London during the final weeks of January.

    Scotland’s national day of celebration is supposed to be St Andrew’s Day at the end of November, but every true Scotsman knows that Burn’s night on the 28th January is the best time to don the kilt, drink a dram of Scottish expat community in the capital, there are no shortage of London restaurants and bars playing host to Burns Night events. Traditionally you will be served up suppers of haggis, neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes) accompanied by a wee dram (glass) of malt Scotch whisky. For a more advanced Burns Night celebration, you can expect to enjoy readings of Burns’s poetry, and bagpipe music, which will fuel a fun and surprisingly sexy night of ceilidh dancing.

    The Chinese New Year is always an incredible experience of colour, sounds and smells, and thanks to it’s large Chinese population, London is one of the best cities in the world to enjoy it in all it’s glory. This year, the popular event falls on the 29th January, and since all of our escorts are true lovers of culture, they would love to be your partner to see in the New Year, Chinese style. As you would probably imagine, the festivities are focused around Chinatown in the heart of the West End, which makes it even more convenient to visit in the company of one of our escorts. Together you can witness the impressive lion dances (don’t worry, no real lions are involved), a colourful parade, as well as a free fireworks event in Trafalgar Square. Of course, one of the best aspects of this festival is the food available, and whether you choose to dine in one of Chinatown’s excellent restaurants, or just enjoy delicacies from a food cart, this is sure to be an exciting and romantic date for you both.

    January can be a painful month to get through since there are no obvious festivals to enjoy, and the London weather is appalling. But if you choose to meet a sexy escort from VIVAescorts™, then you can bring a ray of sunshine into your life which can help you get through this difficult period of the year. So if you are feeling a bit low and want a fast and sexy pick-me-up, call us today and let us help you arrange a truly memorable date.