Escorts Fluent in English

We often get asked for escorts fluent in English, especially when a client needs a lady for a social occasion such as a dinner date or a business lunch. The thought of finding yourself ‘lost in translation’ can put some gents off booking an elite date with an international escort, and here at VIVAescorts™, we understand this frustration. The good news is that most of our escort companions are indeed fluent in English, and if this should be a requirement for your date, you cannot go wrong choosing one of the companions below.

Luxurious Escort Girls Fluent in English

Londoners are lucky to be living in the most cosmopolitan, exciting city in the world. There is such a wide selection of things to do, foods to eat, and people to meet. That includes escorts, of course, and London is home to high-class companions from around the globe, and our London escort agency is proud to represent the very best of these ladies.

Let’s be honest though – one side effect of London enjoying such a smorgasbord of international escorts is that their proficiency in English is…. well…a little varied. Now, here at VIVAescorts™, we only choose girls who stand out in terms of personality and education as well as looks – and that includes being able to speak a decent level of English. You don’t have to worry about being able to communicate with any of our girls.

However, sometimes you want to meet an escort who is fluent in English. Maybe you want to invite them to dinner and want the conversation to flow easily from the start. Or perhaps there is a social occasion you are required to attend, and you absolutely need your partner to be able to hold a decent conversation, with you and others. In both these circumstances, things go a lot smoother with escorts fluent in English.

An escort who is fluent in English can also be rather a good idea for a longer date. For example, let’s say you decide you want to spend a sexy weekend in Cornwall with a chic companion for our selection. All of our ladies are beautiful, and make perfect erotic partners, but there is naturally going to be a lot of conversational time on such a date. You may want to consider selecting an escort who is fluent in English so that you can better enjoy each other’s company.

That’s why you should carefully way up your requirements before choosing a lady to invite on an escort date. Here at Viva Escorts, we believe in empowering customers to make better decisions through the power of choice. If you want to spend time with a beautiful escort who speaks English fluently, you can feel confident that any of the ladies above will fit the bill.

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